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Shape Memory Alloys are magical metals with two special attributes:

1. They are super elastic, behaving like everlasting rubber bands;

2. They memorize a set shape and return to it when electricity or heat activates them.

Kinalco is bringing to market a novel and patented shape memory alloy made largely from Copper. The unique oligocrystalline structure looks like bamboo, which gives our product its name: Bamboo Alloyâ„¢. 


  • Strain amplitudes: ~10%
  • Ultra high dampening 
  • Excellent fatigue life
  • Excellent conductivity
  • Excellent thermal actuation and indirect 
  • Electrical actuation
  • Can be soldered and welded
  • Suitable for orthodontics and dentistry
  • Much cheaper than NiTi

Kinalco's technology will enable countless new SMA applications in industries such as: Fabrics, clothing, orthopedics, orthodontics, cables, connectors, sports equipment, device & industrial actuators, military equipment, medical appliances, ...